Friday, March 9, 2012

How to prevent diabetes?

With the kind of lifestyle we have right now, we neglect what we eat and sometimes forget to take good care of ourselves. For sure, we do not want to get sick especially with chronic diseases such as diabetes. When a person is diagnosed with it, medications and certain diet must be maintained. Thus, one is deprived of the meals and activities that he or she wants to do. It is best to prevent this illness.

Since it is a chronic disease, prevention of it must be at high priority most especially for those who those are at risk to be inflicted. They are the people who have history of diabetes in the family. Overweight and obese  people are also on the verge of acquiring the illness.

The most common way for it to be prevented is to expose oneself in exercise such as brisk walking, jogging and any form of physical activity. According to a research, resistance training as well as aerobics can put off against the illness.

Another way is to increase fiber intake. It can also help in controlling diabetes as foods rich in fiber prop up weight loss because it increases metabolism. Seeds, beans, vegetable, fruits and whole grains are examples of foods with high fiber content.

Lastly, see your doctor regularly for diabetes testing. As we age and grow old, we become more prone to this kind of sickness because our immune system is not as solid as before. Health consultation with the experts is highly recommended in order to monitor the right food and vitamins to take.

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