Saturday, February 18, 2012

Children are diagnosed with diabetes too!

The number of incidences on diabetes has increased. Most of our parents or grandparents have suffered the complications of diabetes. But throughout the world, diabetes is a feared disease which also grows amongst children. Most little kids suffer from type 1 diabetes. In fact, 90% of those young people who have diabetes have type 1.

The type 1 diabetes is caused by the pancreas’ inability to produce insulin. It is a condition in the immune system where it attacks one of the body’s organs or tissues. The causes of diabetes in children are still not determined even in adults. Other specialists presume it as a combination of genes and is triggered in the environment.

In America, children and adults who are affected by type 2 diabetes is beginning to rise. The cause for this type of diabetes is mostly from a bad diet from a very young age along with a stressful lifestyle without doing any exercise.

Diabetes in both children and adults has the same symptoms. For over a few weeks, people who manifest this sickness experience thirst, frequent urination, weariness, and loss of weight. Typically, in children, they may experience behavioural problems, headaches, and pains in the tummy.

At the early signs of diabetes, children should be brought to diabetes specialist. One certain method for treating type 1 diabetic is insulin treatment. The treatment varies from different children. An insulin regimen is made to suit to the requirements of the individual and their habits. Insulin is administered in the day and lower levels during night time. 

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