Monday, February 20, 2012

Manage Diabetes through healthy diet

Diabetes has been a long problem for a number of people around the world. Remember: it has no cure but it can be treated. Avoiding food with too much sugar is a common no-no for people with this lifetime disease. Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes pastries and sweets are deprived.

The good news is you can still enjoy your meals while at the same time manage your diabetes through proper diet.

Foods with high-fiber content are highly recommended as it can help manage the levels of sugar in our body. Plus, risks of heart related disease can also be prevented. Foods with carbohydrates that have high content of fiber are also encouraged such as fruits, whole grains, cereals and legumes. However, patients must monitor their carbohydrate intake because too much is not good. It is advised that carbohydrate must be included in each meal every day.

Examples of high-fiber foods are mashed cauliflower, winter squash, sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and bread and bran raisin.

Too much protein is not good for diabetics as it may trigger insulin resistance. Combination of carbohydrates, fats and protein is vital to achieving a balanced diet.

As for dairy products, nonfat or low fat must be taken by a diabetic instead of whole-milk products.

Little amount of foods with sugar content are not prohibited to diabetic people. They can still savor pastries and desserts as long as there is strict control with a combination of daily physical exercise.

Most of all, the golden rule is thou shall not skip meals. Whether you’re diabetic or not, regular meals are very essential to all people as every food intake gives you energy for daily living.

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