Monday, February 27, 2012

Having Diabetes can be cool!

Having something to worry about is so not cool- especially when that something is as serious as diabetes. Every time you eat, you’ll be concerned if food contains more sugar than what you need. When you go out, you make sure your activities (or inactivity) wouldn’t trigger a need for an insulin. And at times, you may have to worry about where to put your medications. All these are not cool. But what you should know is that you can put your mind at ease with diabetes cases which conveniently bring all your supplies and protect them from possible damage during travel. Now, that’s cool!

Many insulin shops like Diabetic Care Services and Pharmacy offer wide variety of choices on where to put your diabetes needs. They have easy compact cases which carry the most important stuff. They also have large bags which hold all your equipment if you’re out from home for a long time. And you know what’s cooler? These cases are disguised in nice designs so it wouldn’t look like your bringing some medical equipment on your travel.

One shop whose goal is to give kids the feeling of being kids and let adults have fun while carrying those diabetes needs is Pump Wear Inc. All of their products are created for comfort, freedom, flexibility, and fun for all age with diabetes. The company has expanded their line of insulin pump clothing from pump shirts, pump bands, t-shirts, pj’s, and other clothing that will make you feel good. In fact, you can even have it personalized with your own picture.  

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